Concrete Cast Kitchen Tops & Sinks

37 Burg str Cape Town

Black steel framed glass door and solid timber fire door gives this beautiful heritage building,

in the heart of Cape Town, a fresh facade.


An exhibition stand made almost entirely from a printable recyclable cardboard product.


Chair chandelier

Given the opportunity, one makes a chandelier from parts of a chair.


Heavy industrial foot made from solid brass with steel & rubber parts. Housing and anchoring the light and fragile porcelain light shield. Some mention was made Some extra special mention of the following artists/designers/makers… Lisa Firer Design, Object House.

Ground zero

May 2010

The first few creations emerge

Laminated veneer sheets become frames for your face

Another 'Way Fairer'

Walnut & oak veneer plywood hand-shaped into a classic design with hand made copper hinges

An Actor & Director

Ebony-stained-walnut on white as Sterling silver & copper combination on this hinge, made from scratch

The First Three

The third musketeer

A unique hinge for each design

Rose Coloured Shades

Two tone, red-stained-rosewood & oak combo

Copper & silver combination hinge, also handmade from scratch

Temples inverse stained-rosewood & oak combination


And thus the first fully functional & entirely hand made ‘way-fairer’ is born Sand-blasted sterling-silver hinge, made from scratch

Layers of wood veneer create a beautiful edge detail

Project inquires


95 Victoria Avenue
(Corner Lancaster Way)
Hout Bay, Cape Town 7806
082 897 9062