English Countryside

The kitchen… solid wood shaker, hand painted


Framed details on larger doors & panels

Dressing up


Market leader

An exhibition stand made almost entirely from a printable recyclable cardboard product


All the bells & whistles

Contain your workshop

Storage space above is immense

Two, six meter shipping containers become a back yard workshop

Various sizes reclaimed I-beams welded

to the top of the containers,

receives the roof


Bonzai tables



Before 32mm kiaat veneerd shelves

After 32mm kiaat veneerd shelves



Rejuvenating the old Queen


And now

The kitchen… solid wood shaker, hand painted

Old restaurant wine cabinet, add some doors &

shelves and re-purpose as reception display


Some sign writing


Solid railway sleepers

Arranged to form a terrace'd planter

Terraces of solid sleepers makes for easy

access to plants at the top

White Retrofit

Old defy double oven re-fitted… and a wine rack… priorities

Washing up

Storage city… Pull out broom cupboard on the right

Man cave

Inside the workshop

A roof to match the existing home

Herringbone paving… A challenge

And done


Old baby trees

Bonsai table stands arrangement #1

Bonsai table stands arrangement #2

More red gum timber sources from local forests, as part of

alien tree deforstation

Chair chandelier

Given the oppurtunity, one makes a chandelier

from parts of a chair



Heavy industrial foot made from

solid brass with steel & rubber parts

Contrast, anchor

Housing and anchoring the light and fragile porcelein light-shield

Some mention was made Some extra special

mention of the following


Lisa Firer Design

Object House

Another 'way-fairer'

Walnut & oak veneer plywood

hand shaped into a classic design

with hand made copper hinges

An actor & director

Ebony-stained-walnut on white ash

Sterling silver & copper combination on this hinge, made from scratch

Seal off the perimeter

Spot the sliding gate

Red gum timber cut to various sizes and arranged

to create this effect

Inside – solid red gum timber beams and galvanized posts, longevity guaranteed

Round the outside

Garden gate

Solid red gum timber frame

Garden gate

The first three

The first three

The third musketeer

A unique hinge for each design

Rose coloured shades

Two tone, red-stained-rosewood & oak combo

Copper & silver combination hinge,

also handmade from scratch

Temples inverse stained-rosewood & oak combination


And thus the first fully functional &

entirely hand made 'way-fairer' is born

Sand-blasted sterling-silver hinge,

made from scratch

Layers of wood veneer

create a beautiful edge detail

Ground zero

May 2010

Laminated veneer sheets

become frames for your face

The first few creations emerge


Project inquiries

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