Build Process &

Payment Schedule

Our Process

As a dedicated business owner with a genuine interest in your satisfaction, we aim for a seamless build process. We want all our clients in South Africa to be well-informed about what to expect and how we operate. If you're considering having your tiny home built by us, please read this page to gain insights into the process tailored for the South African market.

Meet and Greet

First step is the "introduction meeting" where we get to know you little better, find out what your personal needs are and if Tiny House living is for you.

Enquiry Stage

Whether in-person or through email/phone communication, we address any questions you may have about your potential build, along with available build times and current pricing guides for your preferred plan.

Build Deposit

Once you are satisfied with the information provided(we're confident in delivering top-quality tiny homes in South Africa), you can secure your spot in our schedule. At this stage, a non-refundable build deposit of (R90 000) is required to confirm your booking, deducted from your total quoted amount. Following this, we schedule a comprehensive planning meeting to discuss your chosen plan in detail and finalise selections.

In our range of designs, you can personalise:

  • Colorsteel cladding colour
  • Timber features on exterior cladding
  • Exterior cladding materials
  • Windows/doors adjustments
  • Addition of a POD door if suitable
  • Kitchen window/main door type
  • Flooring options
  • Cabinetry colours and style
  • Benchtop material
  • Kitchen splashback tiles
  • Shower type and tiles
  • Tapware colours and models
  • Kitchen sink
  • Paint colours and feature wall options
  • Panelling feature walls
  • Toilet model
  • Electrical plan
  • Appliance preferences (subject to size constraints in the design)

Our goal is to make your home unique and tailored to your preferences.

Planning Meetings

During our thorough planning meeting, we aim to cover every aspect of your build requiring personalization. This meeting, lasting at least 2 hours, allows us to make decisions collaboratively. It's essential to have a rough budget to guide the decision-making process.

It's possible to make changes after this meeting, but we need to ensure structural integrity and may advise against certain modifications. Kitchen cabinetry has been optimised for space utilisation, but customization is possible within certain parameters. The use of external materials not supplied or guaranteed by us is limited, but exceptions can be made for special items like heirlooms.

Build Quote and Contract

After the planning meeting, we'll email you a detailed quote and contract for approval. The contract includes a full specification of your new home and a price based on the planning meeting discussions. If needed, we can suggest adjustments to fit within your budget.

Acceptance of Quote and Contract

Upon your approval of the quote and contract, sign it off to indicate acceptance and return it to us. Once we receive the signed contract, the quoted price is fixed, protecting you from material cost increases. The quote is valid for 30 days, and acceptance must occur within that period.

Building Begins

Once the building of your tiny home commences, you are welcome to visit the workshop by scheduling in advance. If you're unable to make in-person visits, we can arrange video calls or send progress photos. We pride ourselves on transparency and encourage clients to witness the various stages of their home's construction.

Completion of Your Home!

As your tiny home nears completion, our team will communicate the approximate completion date and connect you with our preferred Tiny House haulage companies. Transport costs and insurance details will be provided by the haulage company. Plan ahead by pencilling in a date with the haulage company a month before your estimated completion date.

Shortly after booking, we'll provide helpful information for setting up your new tiny house on-site.

Visiting your Home

You're welcome to visit the workshop at any stage of your build. Contact Kobus to arrange a visit with at least one day's notice, ensuring safety and availability.

More Information on Our Payment Terms and Schedule


A non-refundable R90 000 booking fee secures your build spot, deducted from your total quoted amount.


50% due 8 weeks before the build starts. Includes preliminary material ordering such as trailer, joinery, tapware, cabinetry, and initial building materials. If your booking date is less than 8 weeks from your build start, we'll discuss a customized payment schedule.


25% due when your build has internal linings fitted and first-fit plumbing and electrics (approximately 3 weeks into the build).


15% due when your build reaches the internal fit-out stage (approximately 6 weeks into the build).


10% balance due before your tiny house leaves our factory (approximately 1 week before delivery). Schedule a final inspection and witness your completed home during this stage.


While clients seldom add extras during the build process, if a variation is requested and feasible, payment is required upon agreement. All decisions and selections are finalised during the planning stage and contract signing.