Where to Park?

I Have Land to Rent

Many clients are worried about finding land to lease for their Tiny Homes. We realize that this can be stressful and we aim to help in any way we can. We have located a number of land owners who are willing to rent out pockets of land to owners of our houses. I am sure there are many more beautiful spots out there and we will work on building this resource for our clients.

Disclaimer: Kobus does not directly extend this offer; rather, it is facilitated by a third party, who retains the discretion to alter certain details.

Looking for Land to Rent?

This is a service we operate for our own clients who are booked in to buy a house. For privacy reasons we cannot make our landowners details public. We’re so excited to now be offering this service and love connecting landowners and our tiny homeowners in this win-win way! If you require land to lease, please contact us via our contact page by clicking here.