South Africa

Regulations for

tiny homes in SA

Tiny houses are new to South Africa and are not yet the norm around town.

We have felt our way through the process and the regulations to ensure everything was done by the Book.

Giving you peace of mind.


National Home Builders Registration Council

They regulated the building industry and have to be involved when building a house.

After many conversations with them it was established that tiny houses do not need a certificate from

the NHBRC as a tiny house is a mobile structure and hence falls into the category of a caravan.

To ensure that there are no issues down the line they supplied us with an exemption letter.

City council Plans

We applied for council plans for our first tiny house, professional plans were drawn up and submitted.

The council asked many questions over the next 8 months.

Eventually they came to the same conclusion that a tiny house is classified as a caravan

and there is no need to submit plans to the council.

Saving thousands of Rands and much time.

Your tiny house can simply be parked on your land, rented or bought and you can move in.


This is very simply answered if you are renting land.

A simple pre-paid meter can be installed for electricity and another on the water line.

Both jobs were completed within a day.

An added sewage connection was made to existing line on the property and she was all hooked up.

This subject is yet to be cleared up if you are buying your land.

We are in the process of purchasing the plot our tiny house is parked on so we will have an update in the future on how the connection is arranged by council.