Frequently Asked Questions

What is the earliest I could start building with you?

Please get in touch to book your slot.

How much does a tiny house weigh?

The weight depends on the size of the house, materials used for construction and the amount of built-in cabinetry. Houses can range from 3.5T - 9T.

Do you ship worldwide?

We can Ship anywhere in Southern Africa at the client’s cost.

Will I need to obtain council consent?

I'd like to see a tiny house in person, do you have any you can show me?

Yes, if you are planning on building with us within the next 12 months you can book in tour of our Britt Model.

Can I tow the house with my own vehicle?

Depending on the trailer you choose, if it is a smaller model it can be built in a way that makes it possible to be towed by yourself but most of the time recommend getting a professional to tow it.

How do I connect to water and electricity?

It is easy to connect it to a mains power supply by an Electrician or going with a solar system with 8 Pannels the house can be off-grid. Our tiny houses come with water inlet pipes that can be connected to mains water supply or tank supply by your plumber once onsite.

I'm not familiar with composting toilets, how do they work?"

There are a number of different options – Generally we suggest clients to do their own research as it really is a personal preference.

Can I have a plumbed-in toilet instead?

Yes you can, you will need access to a sewage system or plumb into existing grey water systems.

Can I customise my plan?

All plans are customisable as long as the changes are not structural. We have so many different plans available that there is a very good chance that you will be able to find something similar to what you are after for your dream home.

If you prefer to use your own design ideas or make structural changes to our plans, there is a charge as we need to draft the plans to ensure they are doable!

Do you build tiny houses without trailers?

In short no. The team is focused on building the best tiny homes on wheels in South Africa. We recommend you try looking for a builder that specialising in transportable homes or a cabin builder.

Do I need to place the house on foundations?

No, you just need a flat, level surface. A professionally compacted space the size of your house is the best option if possible but we have had many houses simply park in a nice flat area. Beware of wet areas! Not a good idea!

What if I wanted to add-on to my house in the future?

A number of our designs are specially designed so that modules can be added over time. This will need to be discussed when designing your home with Kobus.

The location I want to put my tiny house has limited/difficult access. What options do I have?

It is best to discuss access with a us or a towing company. Steep hills, sharp corners, narrow access, low power lines, trees etc can all cause problems getting your house into position. It is possible to crane your house into position where access is limited.

The houses seem to be quite high off the ground, how do I get into it?"

Due to the fact that ground levels may vary from site to site, we do not provide stairs. However, if you know your site is level, you can request some to be made for your house. Most people have decks made and steps up onto the deck. Temporary steps can be supplied as well upon request.

Will my house have a warranty?

Yes. All warranties for the products in your tiny house will be passed onto the new owner. We also provide a Build Warranty of 3 years whereby any issues will be corrected if they arise and are a result of incorrect workmanship. It will not cover any damage that may result during transportation of the tiny house (as we cannot control the quality of the towing job done/accidents etc).

Electrical and gas work is carried out by our licenced professionals and compliance certificates will be issued upon completion.

How long does a build take?

Our team typically take between 4-5 months to complete your tiny house build.

Can I add in a fireplace to my tiny house?

If you let us know you are planning on installing a fireplace, we will make allowances in your design frames for a flue to be installed.

Can I have a solar system in my tiny house?

All our designs are prewired for solar and ready for your solar supplier to connect your system. The needs of solar requirements can vary greatly depending on numerous factors such as the number of people living in the home, appliances being used, site location and site position. We recommend you work with a local solar supplier in your area when the tiny house is delivered to your site.

How do you find land?

In hout bay, cape town we have a connection to a tiny house village that is being set up.

If you are in other areas we suggest: Friends & Family: Give a shout out to friends and family, you just never know who might be interested in leasing out a spot on their back yard to you.

Facebook: Join your local facebook community groups to advertise that you are looking for land to lease.

Make sure you include as much information in your post to help land owners know exactly what you are looking for.

Flyer Drop: Put together a detailed flyer and drop them off in the areas you are interested in moving to.

Rent to Buy

Unfortunately we don’t offer rent to buy options. Fear not, we have partnered with a lender that offer financing for tiny house.

Financing for tiny homes

Please see our financing page for the details.

Could I get a shell build, and do the internal fit-out myself?"

Yes we do offer this service, for more information please contact us.