All the basic winning qualities

This the original, the first design with split levels. Focusing on having a full walk around bathroom, The second bedroom having to sacrifice a little room.


Pricing From R1,345 000

Shells to various stages

available on inquiry

This special design was a collaboration between Shaye and her mum Sheila and designed to be Shaye and her daughter Hazel’s family home. The main focus of this design was to create a sanctuary that provided both Shaye and Hazel with their private spaces. It also needed to be future-proofed in case a

man or more children made their way into Shaye's life!

NOTE: The price mentioned in the video of Shayes home is the actual amount Shaye paid in 2019 for the Hazel section of her home. It includes all materials bought at her special contractor’s rate. It does not include GST, her own labour on the house and increases since 2019. 

Cook up a storm in this huge kitchen

The comment everybody makes when they walk into my kitchen is "It's huge, probably as big as the kitchen in a regular sized home!". The kitchen features a wall oven, 4 burner gas hob, large fridge, six cupboards, 2 sets of drawers and a breakfast bar! It is a joy to use and I absolutely love this part of my home.

Get comfy and enjoy the view from your spacious lounge

This 4 seater sofa fits easily in the dedicated lounge space the "Hazel" tiny house has. In front of it is an extra large, tri-folding door, bringing abundant light and beautiful views into your home.

Two beautiful and private bedrooms - one with a full height wrap around walkway!

Both my daughter's and my bedroom are beautiful and private sanctuaries. Located at opposite sides of the house from each other, they're private with their own doors, but beautifully connected via a full height "catwalk" which allows for safe access to and from each others bedrooms. My bedroom feels very much like a bedroom in a regular home (only more charming!) and Hazel's is a precious loft space with everything she could need (including many unicorns!).

A large luxurious bathroom

With a large 900 x 900mm shower, double vanity, hidden toilet and dirty laundry cupboard, this bathroom has everything you could need! A large window and huge mirror makes it feel more spacious than any bathroom I've ever had! NOTE: There are 2 layouts for the Hazel bathroom, one where there is a single vanity and a fixed toilet. (Not pictured)


8.5 metres (28′) x 2.8 wide (9′2) plus angled extension over drawbar. Height 4.25 metres (13′11) including trailer.


These houses weigh between 4.5 and 6.5 tonnes, depending on finishings, appliances, number of windows etc.


built on a 8.5m x 2.8m triple axle trailer with part of the draw bar space being utilised.